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sysadmin July 28th, 2004 12:36

Doxycycline Not Helpful in Gulf War Veterans' illnesses
This study looked at whether or not treatment with doxycycline would be of benefit in Gulf War veterans' illnesses. The hypothesis is that the disease is caused by, or related to, infection by Mycoplasma species. The researchers found that doxycycline was not helpful, and may even cause harm.

20 July 2004 | Volume 141 Issue 2| Pages 85-94

Sam T. Donta, MD; Charles C. Engel, Jr., MD, MPH; Joseph F. Collins, ScD; Joel B. Baseman, PhD; Lisa L. Dever, MD; Thomas Taylor, MD; Kathy D. Boardman, RPh; Lewis E. Kazis, ScD; Suzanne E. Martin; Rebecca A. Horney, BS; Annette L. Wiseman; Douglas S. Kernodle, MD; Raymond P. Smith, MD; Aldona L. Baltch, MD; Christine Handanos, MD; Brian Catto, MD; Luis Montalvo, MD; Michael Everson, PhD; Warren Blackburn, MD; Manisha Thakore, MD; Sheldon T. Brown, MD; Larry Lutwick, MD; Dorothy Norwood, MD; Jack Bernstein, MD; Catherine Bacheller, MD; Bruce Ribner, MD; L. W. Preston Church, MD; Kenneth H. Wilson, MD; Prabhakar Guduru, MD; Robert Cooper, MD; Joseph Lentino, MD; Richard J. Hamill, MD; Arnold B. Gorin, MD; Victor Gordan, MD; David Wagner, MD; Cliff Robinson, MD; Pierre DeJace, MD; Ronald Greenfield, MD; Lisa Beck, MD; Marvin Bittner, MD; H. Ralph Schumacher, MD; Fredric Silverblatt, MD; James Schmitt, MD; Edward Wong, MD; Margaret A.K. Ryan, MD, MPH; Javier Figueroa, MD; Christopher Nice, MD; and John R. Feussner, MD, MPH, the VA Cooperative #475 Group

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