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TaylorWillix November 8th, 2004 13:29

Dieting can be fun with Atkins
Hey. Has anyone heard of the Atkins diet? well there is a new DVD out now which is available at Walmart and I have to tell you it is really good. I always used to have trouble with dieting, nothing ever worked for me. I was at the point of giving up when my friends mentioned something about this DVD. Out of curiosity I picked up a copy, after all I thought I would give myself one more chance. It really worked. I couldn`t believe how fun Atkins could be. Everything was straightforward and easy for me. I have been telling people about it ever since. So if you are having trouble dieting check Atkins out but if you have used Atkins before please let me know what you thought. I would be interested in your opinions.
Cheers guys and good luck ;)

Zachary Scott November 29th, 2004 07:32

Re: Dieting can be fun with Atkins
Zachary Scott
Thanks to Taylor Willix for talking about how to have fun with Atkins. Because I plan to be following Atkins for some time, I've also been focusing on how to make it fun. There's a wonderful new book and 6-CD set that deals entirely with how to make dieting fun! This book and 6-CD set has helped me deal with the frustration of being frustrated! I am so excited about this book and 6-CD set because with them the number of pounds isn't the issue. All of my worries about being overweight, all of the frustration, and temptation, and anxiety and depression and stress -- all of that -- is addressed with such compassion and joy and clarity in this book and 6-CD set that I am actually and finally having fun on a diet! If you are looking for an example of how to joyously lose weight, for permission to be yourself, or for a smart cookie to whisper success strategies in your ear, you must get this book and CD-set. Oh, I almost forgot. Both the book and the CD set are titled, "Dieting Can Be Fun".

cancersurvivor December 7th, 2007 22:19

I am sick of being like this
Hello, I am 15 years old and I am overweight. I am also a selective eater. I would like a strict Specific day by day diet plan that will help me loose weight and keep it off. I do workout everyday. Does anyone know a diet plan, or a website that I can go to make a diet plan specifically for me? I donít care if it is an adultís diet plan. Even if there is something I do not like I will try to eat it because I really want to loose weight. Please help. I am sick of being like this and hating myself for it.

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