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Regular aspirin use among a study of 121,701 women decreased the risk of colorectal cancer by 45%. (NEJM 1995 ;333:609-614)

Moderate doses of vitamin E (up to 1200 IU) can be safely used in patients receiving warfarin; no drug-drug interaction was identified in this study. (Am J Cardiol 1996 03/01;77:545)

Ear lobe creases were shown to be associated with higher rates of cardiac events in this study of 264 consecutive patients. (Am J Med 1996 02/01;100:205)

Combining serum myoglobin and CK-MB in testing for acute myocardial infarction, a sensitivity of 100% was obtained during the 1st 3 hours of evaluation in the ER in this prospective study of 190 pts, 21 of which suffered an acute MI. (Ann Emerg Med 1996 ;27:1-7)

In a study of 15,990 people aged 60 - 97 yrs old, reducing high blood pressure not only prevented strokes (down 35%), but also cut the heart attack rate (down 18%), and decreased all cause total mortality (down 15%). (Arch Fam Med 1995 11/01;4:943)

Among women who worked rotating night shifts for a period of 6 years or more, their risk of coronary heart disease was increased by 50%. (Circulation 1995 ;92:3178-82)

Men who ate 25 g or more of dietary fiber, compared with those who ate 12 g or less, had half the risk of death from heart disease in this study of 44,000 American men. (JAMA 1996 ;275:447)

Simvastatin has been shown to be useful in the SECONDARY prevention of coronary heart disease; all-cause mortality was decreased by 33% in this study. (Lancet 1994 ;344:1383)

Type "D" personality (in which individuals suppress negative emotions) was shown to be an independent risk factor for death from heart disease. (Lancet 1996 ;347:417)

Compared with animal protein consumption, soy protein consumption was associated with a 9% drop in total cholesterol and a 12% drop in LDL cholesterol. (NEJM 1995 ;333:276-82)

Pravastatin is useful in the PRIMARY prevention of coronary heart disease; in this study of 6,500 men, all-cause mortality was reduced by 22%. (NEJM 1995 ;333:1301)

Sexual intercourse among permanent or married partners was not associated with a significantly increased risk of malignant cardiac arrhythmias among a group of 88 male patients with known coronary artery disease. (Chest 1996;109:922-924)

The carbon-13 urea breath test was 95% accurate in detecting H. Pylori infection in peptic ulcer disease. (Am J Gastro 1996 ;91:690-694)

Low levels of blood vitamin B-12 was associated with an impaired antibody response to the pneumococcal vaccine. (Ann Intern Med 1996 02/01;124:299)

It is cost-effective to vaccinate healthy adults against influenza. (NEJM 1995 ;333:889)

The estimated risk of contracting aids from receiving a blood transfusion is between 1 in 83,000 and 1 in 122,000. (NEJM 1995 12/28;333:1721)

Zinc supplementation (20 mg of elemental zinc) was associated with a significant reduction in the severity and duration of diarrhea in this study of 937 children in New Delhi, India. (NEJM 1995 ;333:873)

Maternal asthma is a risk factor for premature labor. (Am J Epidemiol 1995 ;142:1078-88)

A diet consisting of 2 or more servings of broiled or baked fish was associated with a lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis. (Epidemiology 1996 ;7:256)

In a study of 27 Ohio firms, medical savings accounts decreased the out of pocket health care expenses of employees with a family plan by more than 50%; employers also had their health care costs decreased by 12%. (Investors Business Daily 1996 03/14;)

Tai Chi classes can reduce the rate of falls in the elderly by 50% and greater. (J Am Geriatr Soc 1996 ;44:489-97)

"Krazy Glue" is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to suturing in closing minor pediatric lacerations (J Pediatr 1995 ;126:892-895)

High blood pressure medicine should be taken early in the morning, before dressing, or late at night; oral steroids for asthma should be given at 3 pm instead of in the morning; ulcer medicine ONCE a day (not twice), at about 6 pm. (JAMA 1996 04/17;275:1143-1144)

By comparing medical costs and outcomes in states which have enacted tort reform vs those who haven't, the annual savings by enacting nationwide tort reform would be about $50 billion, with no decrease in the quality of care. (Quarterly J Economics 1996 06/01;)

Routine eye patching for corneal abrasions is not necessary. (South J Med 1996 02/01;89:227)

A couple of cups of coffee a day was shown to decrease the risk of suicide in a study of over 86,000 women. (Arch Intern Med 1996 03/11;)

Kids of smokers are 2.8 times more likely to get a lower respiratory infection, 2.1 times more likely to develop asthma, 3 times more likely to die of crib death, more likely to become smokers themselves, and more likely to get ear infections (CD Summary 1996 04/16;45(8))

The use of nicotine gum doubled the rate of smoking cessation at 2 year follow-up (39% vs 16%). (Chest 1995 ;108:447-451)

The greatest barrier to hepatitis B immunization among 654 middle school students in Louisiana was lack of parental consent. (J Adolesc Health 1995 ;17:244)

Using a "clock strategy" as an aid in smoking cessation is twice as effective as quitting cold turkey; smokers follow a timed schedule with longer and longer times between lighting up. (J Consulting Clin Psychol 1995 06/01;)

Appetite suppressants as adjunctive therapy include: phenylpropanolamine (75 mg qAM), phentermine (30 mg qAM), fenfluramine (20 mg TID), phentermine & fenfluramine together, fluoxetine (60 - 80 mg qAM), diethylpropion (75 mg qD), and mazindol (1 mg qD). (J Family Practice 1996 03/01;42:287-292)

The use of the nicotine patch produced 1 additional lifetime quitter at a cost of $7332, in a decision analytic model; this finding suggests that insurance companies should cover patches. (JAMA 1996 04/24;275:1247-1251)

Low income children with parents who smoked had a poorer quality diet than low income children of nonsmokers, in this study of 515 children. (Pediatrics 1996 03/01;97:312)

Men with a high flavinoid intake had a 73% lower risk of stroke;about 70% of their dietary flavinoids came from black tea, and 10% came from apples. (Arch Intern Med 1996 03/25;)

Smoking increased the risk of stroke by more than 4 times in this study of 7,264 men. (JAMA 1995 ;274:155-160)

Women trying to get pregnant may benefit from cutting out caffeine from their diet. (Am J Epidemiol 1995 ;142:1322)

Women who smoke during pregnancy increased their risk of a mentally retarded child by 50% in a study of Atlanta area children. (Pediatrics 1996 ;97:547-553)

The Norplant was tolerated as well as birth control pills, however, Norplant users had an unplanned pregnancy rate of 2% vs 20% for birth control pill users; 166 teens were part of the study group. (Arch Ped Adol Med 1995 ;967-972)

Prenant women taking calcium supplements (1500 to 2000 mg) were 70% less likely to develop high blood pressure and 60% less likely to develop pre-eclampsia. (JAMA 1996 04/10;)

Obesity during pregnancy is related to an increased risk of having a baby with a birth defect. (JAMA 1996 04/10;)

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