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gemma May 27th, 2005 18:26

comments please
I am interested in buying Kevin Trudeau's book entitled "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" A friend briefly viewed this book, and his comments were pretty negative. Has anyone purchased this item, and is it not what it promises?

I went into it showed KevinTrudeau and stated various information on the book. The 4th line from the bottom of the page clearly states, and I quote..... Learn about the natural ways to cure yourself of virtually every disease.

vevque July 15th, 2005 16:08

Re: comments please
Gemma, I did buy Kevins book. But in order to find the cures he wants more money. I think he mis represents his book. There are some supposed cures in the book, like for toenail fungus. I have type 2 diabetis, he makes you believe if you buy the book you can find out what the cure is, but like I said when you go to his web site, he wants more money to join that to find out the cures. The book does have some things that are interesting, but not 29 dollars worth.

HOMEINHEVN September 11th, 2005 11:23

Re: Natural Cures
I ordered the book (along with the free weightloss cd and newsletters) totaling $42.52 back on 6/29/05 from Shop America (tv ad). My credit card was charged on 7/5/05 which is also the date they said they shipped it. Was originally told it would take 10-15 days to receive. Later when I hadn't received it, was told 4-6 weeks even though they said it had been shipped. When I called again on 8/4/05 was told they'd re-ship. Called again 8/25/05 was told they re-shipped on 8/15/05 and if I haven't received by 9/2/05 to call for a refund. I called for a refund on 9/2/05 and was told it takes 48 hours to process. On 9/9/05 was told refund was issued on 9/2/05. Today, 9/11/05 I called my credit card to dispute the charge. They told me to wait until the end of the week because sometimes refunds take a little longer to show up. So YES, I'll probably be disputing this charge because I've lost faith that this company is legitimate!

And more frustrating than the loss of $42.52 is the time I've spent on the phone each time. I've sat on hold listening to Kevin Trudeau for around 20 minutes every time I've called. And it's not a toll-free call. The first number I called to place the order was toll-free. Then they directed me to a number in the Chicago area which was not toll-free and that's the number I've had to call each time. I've tried calling the original toll-free number but they always have me to call the Chicago number. :mad:

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