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journal club December 4th, 2005 13:55

Join a lively free on-line journal club
Journal clubs and residency programs around the country are integrating into their discussion. Here is why:

Reading medical literature can be fun -- honest! The key is to read critically, and to think about the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. It becomes fun when you can debate, discuss, and question the literature in an easy and anonymous way. You can now share your thoughts on any paper instantly on-line. Let your voice be heard!!

JournalReview is an international interdisciplinary internet-based unbiased forum for review of the medical literature. As an on-line journal club, we aim to provide a venue which will improve communication amongst physicians and lead to better understanding and interpretation of medical literature.

Here you will find a free, user-friendly website where you can rate and discuss medical literature. We offer innovative and powerful search tools that will allow you to quickly query the medical literature and identify the information you need. In addition, our exclusive tools will help identify the most important and controversial articles.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and helping to answer your questions at:

Please bring your friends along!

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