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1997.06.14 DHEA: a Practical Guide
DHEA: a Practical Guide
Author: Ray Sahelian, MD
Pp. 158. Avery Publishing Group, Garden City Park, New York, 1996.

Rating: B+

A hot new alternative medicine, DHEA, requires careful scrutiny by the medical profession. This over-the-counter hormone has been purported to cure everything from arthritis to senility. Thus, it is comforting to know that a well trained, board-certified family practitioner has thoroughly reviewed the topic and presented it scientifically. Ray Sahelian, MD, does a good job of presenting the indications for and against the use of DHEA. Both clinicians and researchers (a total of 41 in all) are interviewed and quoted in this book, giving their personal approach to the use of DHEA. The side-effects of this medication are listed, and parameters to follow clinically are discussed.

The book starts out with a discussion of the basic science behind the use of DHEA. After this, the clinical applications of DHEA are discussed. The book concludes with chapters on how much DHEA to take, when to take it, and the side effects to watch for.

This book provides an excellent, objective overview of DHEA. It does not submit to sensationalism, nor is it overly cynical about the potential uses of DHEA. A good book for the lay person, and a fair overview for professionals.

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