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sysadmin August 31st, 2002 20:20

Financial Disclosure reduces dramatically any financial conflicts of interest. Through its unique format, an unprecedented level of participant feedback and commentary is allowed. This feedback from a wide range of participants helps all of us stay academically honest. It helps us stay focused on discovering the truth.

Bias is reduced dramatically by the ability of online participants from all over the world to provide feedback to each article. There may be significant differences of opinion among international participants. Using this format, they are able to freely post their comments. Furthermore, participants have numerous options for anonymous feedback by ranking the quality of each article, and also by answering the questions associated with each article. provides open, free, and meaningful debate.

The Internet Medical Journal receives support for the journal club strictly through the Internet Medical Association, a non-profit Idaho based company. Listed in the introduction to each article is a disclosure of pharmaceutical company support, if any.

Pharmaceutical company sponsorship is limited to general educational grants for the sole purpose of providing quality continuing medical education to online physicians and other healthcare professionals. Pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to submit articles for selection by the journal club. They are allowed, however, to limit their support to journal club selections pertaining to diseases and conditions their company addresses. Typically, a company will sponsor a journal club selection on a broad topic, such as diabetes or hypertension. Article selection, however, must always follow the clearly established principles of selection.

We abide by the ACCME standards for commercial support of continuing medical education, the AMA guidelines on gifts to physicians from industry, and all applicable US Federal and State laws, regulations and policies.

Advertising is not allowed within the educational content of this CME program.

We aim to exceed the guidelines established by the ACCME for Internet CME activities (click here to view online).

If we have overlooked any of the guidelines, or for some reason are not in full compliance, please help us out by alerting us to the situation. Click Here to contact us.

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