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sysadmin September 5th, 2002 18:15

What is a MOE Award? How Do I Submit My Site? How Do I Vote?
The MEDICAL ONLINE EXCELLENCE award is given to outstanding medical sites on the Internet.

We are now pleased to announce a more interactive format for both submitting your site for consideration, and voting on sites that you review.

In the past, our editorial board simply voted on the best Internet sites members had come across. Now, you may submit your site for consideration by posting your site here in this forum.

Members who review your site will be able to rank its quality on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

You earn a MOE award by getting a ranking of 4 stars or higher when at least 25 people have voted on your site.

The top 10 sites that have received MOE status within the calendar year will be determined by the Internet Medical Association Board of Directors and CME committee. Those 10 sites will then be listed in a poll format for the entire Medjournal Community to vote on to determine the top site for the year.

Fair- and democratic. The Internet way!

To List your site for consideration click on the Medical Online Excellence listing and when you get to that page click on "New Thread". You can then list your site, relevant information and a hyperlink to the site. Internet users will not only be able to rate your site but also to post replies and make comments about their thoughts relating to your site.

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