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sysadmin September 24th, 2001 15:31

1997.07.19 Idaho Medical Association passes online medicine resolution
In spite of concerns that regulating the practice of online medicine will be difficult at best, the Idaho Medical Association unanimously passed a resolution supporting the development of online standards and regulations for the safe practice of medicine. The resolution specifically addresses the potential benefits of online medicine, and the desire to gain these benefits in a safe and responsible manner.

The development of online medicine is unstoppable, so it is time that regulations be developed. With a single set of regulations for practicing medicine online, physicians from around the world will be able to get a license to practice medicine in cyberspace. Just think of the benefits of being able to obtain a consultation from the world's leading specialist in "xyz" disease, even when you live on the opposite side of the globe! However, the potential for quackery and fraud is enormous. We need to setup reasonable safeguards, then allow the development of online medicine to flourish.

As the internet continues to evolve, the practice of medicine online will become more specialized. Eventually, Board Certification will be offered in Online Medicine. This will bring standards and regulations to the specialty, promote the benefits of a worldwide medical community, bring greater respect to cyberdocs, and protect the public health.

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