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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

The fact that Mr. Trudeau can prey off of innocent (yet uninformed and lacking basic intelligence) sickens me. I have no issues with Mr. Trudeau coming up with home remedies to pawn to people who are willing to try them. But, I do have a problem with his claims that pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure diseases. Mr. Trudeau tries to convince that the pharm companies would put themselves out of a job if they cured all, so he projects that they are just dragging people along to make their money.

How does this guy sleep at night? People are always looking for conspiracy theories, but this is at a new level. Mr. Trudeau can't possibly believe what he is saying; and is willing to live off of the contributions of the meek and misguided. Mr. Trudeau might as well have said that pharmaceutical companies are indirectly killing millions so that they can continue to make money (the actual truth is that countless doctors and researchers have dedicated their lives to find cures for diseases...often sadly to no avail). The amazing thing is that Mr. Trudeau is possibly making plenty of cash by convincing people of this garbage. What a loser!
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