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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

I see so many negative comments about Kevin Trudeaus natural cures book and I am not saying I believe the conspiracy theory that drug companies only want to stop sickness and not completely heal it but in my short live on 28 years I have seen evidence that his book is fairly accurate in many cases

My dad went to some of the best doctors for his back pain. No one could help. He finally was reffered to a holistic natural doctor and within a week he seen improvements and finally hasnt had pain in 4 years! Another example is my friends mom always suffered from depression. She has been prescribed 4 different medications for this sympton all which didnt work very well and in fact I have seen her get worse. A natural doctor recommended an hour of walking a day and sunlight and guess what? She is doing much better.

My mom has high cholesterol and blood pressure and our horrible doctors in vineland, NJ gave her two medications which did not work at all!! My moms cousin suffers from depression as well and they just keep putting him on more medication and he gets worse and worse. My mom had a siest removed on her ovaries and was supposed to take hormones her entire life!! Guess what she tried a combination of vitamins and no longer takes it and is fine. We had been getting bersitis alot and no doctor helped us whatsoever and we continued getting it for years. We started taking shark cartilage and guess what? Havent had it in 2 years!

So my question is how can so many websites say his entire book is a hoax? He says fast food is bad and they add stuff to addict and make us fat and if any of you so called MD's no anything even the movie supersize me claims this. Kevin Tredeau also claims microwaves are not safe which has been a question for many years. He claims taking vitamins is very large and important as well as a body cleansing. Does all this not sound like the truth? I am not "brainwashed" easily but by taking the advice he gives not only me but my entire family has more energy feels better and is benefiting from natural doctors.

Natural stuff is better for you and the only medication i ever took was aspirin but i plan on never taking that either. I have not been sick at all in 2 years!! The enviroment and food we eat causes headaches but since i changed my diet i rarely get them.

So any of you people that say his book is a hoak email me and prove what you mean? When i used to eat fast food and junk i got headaches constantly now that i eat fruits and vegs. i dont unless i get busy and stressed. Many none of you people have the will power to try anything? America is fat. lazy and really the things a normal american eats are disgusting. No wonder we just go to a doctor and take a drug. its the easy lazy way out. i never smoked and i might have alchohol once a year! plus i eat at least 3 large servings of vegs/fruits and multi vitamin. that is why i never get sick!!
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