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1995. Pearls

In low back pain patients, simple maintenance of normal activity as tolerated resulted in a faster recovery as compared with 2 days of bed rest or back exercises. NEJM 1995 (Feb 9);332:351.

Aspirin @ 75 mg/d can be safely used with warfarin @ a dose achieving an INR of 1.5 in ischemic heart disease. No excess incidence of serious bleeding has yet been seen in preliminary trials. Amer J Cardiol 1995 Feb 23;75:23B.

Antibiotic treatment of H. pylori associated gastric ulcers using a 1 week QID dosinng of 120 mg bismuth subcitrate, 500 mg tetracycline, & 400 mg metronidazole is superior to omeprazole treatment alone (1 year cure rate 95.5% vs 47.8%). NEJM 1995 Jan 19;332:139.

Pharmaceutical reps give incorrect information 11% of the time. JAMA 95;273:1296.

Potassium bicarbonate (60-120 mmol qD) improves endogenous phosphorous and calcium balance in post menopausal women. NEJM 94;330:1776-81.

Music listening as an aid to stress reduction techniques leads to better scores on tests of depression and distress. J Gerontol 94;49:P256.

Kegels help stress incontinence, but only 10% are motivated enough @ 5 yrs to continue exercises. SMJ 95;88(5):547.

Yearly colonoscopic F/U is recommended when there are 2 known adenomatous polyps or any number of highly suggestive polyps are present. For all others, F/U every 3 years is satisfactory. SJM 95;88(5):567.
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