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Most likely, the continuing medical education credits earned online through will help you meet the requirements for your licensure to practice medicine.

The Internet Medical Journal subscribes to the HONcode Principles.

CATEGORY 1 ACCREDITATION: The Internet Medical Association has been approved by the Idaho Medical Association to provide Category 1 Continuing Medical Education credits through this online journal club. The intended audience is primary care providers in Idaho and contiguous US states (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana). A small number of continuing medical education programs posted are accreditted through the American Association of Family Physicians, not the Internet Medical Association. These programs have been clearly labeled in the introductory posting for the program.

CATEGORY 2 ACCREDIATION: In the United States, most states have some requirement for "Category 2" continuing medical education credits. The CME you earn through our online journal club meets the American Medical Association requirements for Category 2 continuing medical education credits.
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