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Posts: 1,085 Founder featured in University of Washington Publication founder Dr. Tom Heston is featured in the December 2002 edition of the University of Washington Alumni publication Columns.

The article focuses on the role music plays in bridging the mind-body connection for patients undergoing invasive medical treatments.

Heston, a 1986 graduate of the University of Washington School of Music, began his family medical practice in the emerging ski and winter sports community of Kellogg, Idaho in 1997. He is also editor-in-chief of

The article is viewable on the Internet at Columns, the premiere continuing education site on the Internet, was founded by Tom Heston M.D. in 1995. It offers diverse medical learning opportunities to medical practitioners throughout North America and the world. Visitors to the site are not required to register to access its news, analysis and editorial content. The site is designed as a resource for both busy and isolated healthcare providers who wish to participate in discussions on important medical topics. is based in the emerging Idaho ski and winter sports community of Kellogg, Idaho.
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