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Dopler Sonar test :

first of all i would like to apologize for my english since its not my first language. second i'm writing on behalf of my mother who is about 50+ years old.
lately she took a Dopler Sonar test of the neck arteries that showed she has a hemodynamic narrowing less than 25% of something i dont really know how to translate - biforact - by a fibrotic layer.
it also said that no alcer should be deduced from this.
after i explained test results and hope you understand me i would like to ask can this get me to a state of dizziness, and lack of stability when standing or even sitting.
my doctor doesn't know what is that fibrotic layer and how can it affect.

please let me know what do you think and if there is any way of treating this problem.

thank you in advance
Sivan Becker on behalf of Ela Becker.
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