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Ramipril Found to be More Effective at Reducing Mortality Than Other ACE Inhibitors

This study looked at 7512 patients who filled a prescription for an ACE inhibitor within 30 days of hospital discharge. Statistical analysis was done using a Cox proportional hazards model, with adjustment for demographic, clinical, physician, and hospital variables and dosage categories, represented by time-dependent variables. The researchers found that the ace inhibitor ramipril was better than the other ACE inhibitors enalapril, fosinopril, captopril, quinapril, and lisinopril. The mortality rate in patients prescribed perindopril was not significantly different than the rate in patients prescribed ramipril. COMMENT: it is wise to not reflexly clump the research data and conclude that research done one one particular ACE inhibitor automatically applies to all ACE inhibitors, yet this is done all the time.

20 July 2004 | Volume 141 Issue 2| Pages 102-112
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