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Design of Clinical Trials in Radiology for Improved Assessment of Diagnostic Tests

ABSTRACT: Proper design of clinical trials has become a prerequisite for both the performance and interpretation of research in radiology as well as in other disciplines in medicine. This paper reviews the process of designing clinical research, the research question, the review of existing data, the study design, the study population, and the study measurements.


The research protocol is developed to answer the question.

The research question should qualify the following criteria: I) importance, II) novelty, III) feasibility to answer, IV) ethics, and V) relevance.

An ethical research question should be characterized by respect for people, beneficence and justice.

Diagnostic methods are most commonly appreciated with randomized blinded trials.

The study population is the group of people from whom data is collected for the study.

See attached for the full article.


Theodorou SJ, Theodorou DJ. Design of clinical trials in radiology for improved assessment of diagnostic tests. Internet Medical Journal, 2005, 5:1.
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