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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

First off i'd like to begin by saying that My father was a medical practitioner for 25 years in traditional medicine. He was an advocate of both surgery and drugs but after being in the field for 25 years he had enough. It is true that drugs to help with certain diseases or ailments...however they do more harm than good. Throughout my own life..I have dealt with people dying of various things and NOT the disease diagnosed to them as being terminal.

How many cancer victims have been lost...not by cancer..but by some other problem caused by the traditional TREATMENT of cancer.
My best friend back in the high school's mother had breast cancer. Of course she sought out the traditional means of treating it (ie. radiation). The radiation did a dandy job getting rid of her fact there was none ended up killing her because of the immense lack of platlettes she lost in the process. You see.. traditional medicine is taught to treat one ailment not to cure it. When you go to medical are essentially taught how to perscribe drugs (writtin in the textbooks) and how to cut people up. Trust me..I know.

It is true that Mr. Trudeau may be making some off the wall claims...however there is a tremendous amount of truth behind what he has to say. After practicing traditional medicine for 25 years my father did what most traditional medicine practitioners despise...he made the jump to alternative/holistic medicine. Since he has created his new homeopathic clinic...he has gotten hundreds of patients with all sorts of chronic and terminal illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, parkinsans, chronic fatigue, lupas, hep C, and even AIDS. It is amazing to see these patients with so little hope and the belief of surviving only a few months for years and years...healthy and happy.

I believe totally in all natural remedies and cures. I myself have not been taking any form of drug or antibioitic for over ten years now. I treat myslef with all natural remedies and vitamins/minerals. Staying healthy isn't about taking is a way of life.
that's the real cure.
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