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1998.10.21- Hot Career Tracks in Medicine?

by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP. Senior Editor, the Internet Medical Journal

The US News and World Report (October 26th, 1998) shows itself to be clearly out of touch with what is happening in the healthcare job market. Stating that becoming a primary care physician is a "hot career track" ignores the clear trend that physicians--even primary care physicians--are having a difficult time finding a job (see 1998.10.21 pearl). Also, the salaries listed for physicians are misleading--because they fail to state that several doctor groups were excluded from the average, including resident physicians, military physicians, and federally employed physicians. The hot job market in the health care field is becoming an allied health professional, such as a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. The income is nearly identical, but the expense in time and money in getting the degree is much less.

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