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Re: Natural Cures

I ordered the book (along with the free weightloss cd and newsletters) totaling $42.52 back on 6/29/05 from Shop America (tv ad). My credit card was charged on 7/5/05 which is also the date they said they shipped it. Was originally told it would take 10-15 days to receive. Later when I hadn't received it, was told 4-6 weeks even though they said it had been shipped. When I called again on 8/4/05 was told they'd re-ship. Called again 8/25/05 was told they re-shipped on 8/15/05 and if I haven't received by 9/2/05 to call for a refund. I called for a refund on 9/2/05 and was told it takes 48 hours to process. On 9/9/05 was told refund was issued on 9/2/05. Today, 9/11/05 I called my credit card to dispute the charge. They told me to wait until the end of the week because sometimes refunds take a little longer to show up. So YES, I'll probably be disputing this charge because I've lost faith that this company is legitimate!

And more frustrating than the loss of $42.52 is the time I've spent on the phone each time. I've sat on hold listening to Kevin Trudeau for around 20 minutes every time I've called. And it's not a toll-free call. The first number I called to place the order was toll-free. Then they directed me to a number in the Chicago area which was not toll-free and that's the number I've had to call each time. I've tried calling the original toll-free number but they always have me to call the Chicago number.
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