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18F protection issues: human and gamma-camera considerations

This study found that at 2 meters away from a 10 mCi source of F-18, the dose rate was less than 20 micro Gy an hour, the limit for unrestricted areas. Distance is the most effective way to decrease exposure to F-18. The effect upon gamma camera's in the area, however, is significant. Gamma cameras should be kept a substantial distance away from F-18 sources to avoid degradation of clinical studies using Tc-99m.

18F protection issues: human and gamma-camera considerations.

Cao Z, Corley JH, Allison J.

Department of Radiology, Medical College of Georgia, 1120 15th Street, Augusta, GA 30912, USA.

J Nucl Med Technol. 2003 Dec;31(4):210-5.
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