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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

Mr. Trudeau mentions his criminal past in the book. He does have skeletons in the closet, but look at the last two presidents, and so many other famous people in the news.
Instinctively, I think alot of what he says is true. Do you see any TV commercials or ads anywhere advertising how beneficial Vitamin C is or other vitamins, antioxidants, herbs or any alternative treatments? I know first hand that vitamins and herbs work. I have used alternative treatments that have worked for me, and the companies that sold them were raided and persecuted by the FDA and FTC.
I haven't taken prescription drugs and I don't plan on it. (Exceptions are in an emergency, I've taken several days of antibiotics. Also over the counter aspirin or advil, but not very often)
Certain members of Congress keep trying to introduce bills to limit access to supplements, or sneak line items onto unrelated bills.
A relative took Lipitor and his legs started to give way, he was starting to have anxiety and blood pressure going wacky. He stopped taking it and the symptoms stopped. If he didn't make a fuss, he would have had several more drugs added on for those symptoms. Another family member is on a certain blood pressure medicine, which we found out can be fatal if abruptly stopped.
I know people who are on 10 or 20 medications and don't feel very well at all.
I know people who were on up to 30 prescriptions before they passed away.
Who would make medicines with horrific side affects, or that kill if you don't have them for a few days, or antidepressants that ultimately make people worse or cause mental breakdowns if they try to stop them, or try to get the government to drug children with their evil concoctions. I think some antidepressants and antipsychotics are making people commit bizzare crimes while on the drugs or even after they've stopped the medications. Like school shootings and other cases that were in the news.
We know the FDA gets money from big pharma, they said it on the news after an employee started complaining about the conflict of interest.
Why can't food be labelled if it has been genetically modified, I don't want to eat it, do you? We don't have the right in this country to know which foods are gm because they know many people won't buy them.
Fast foods probably are addictive in a way.
Cancer seems epidemic these days along with other diseases. Every other day I seem to hear of someone else with cancer. Trudeau is probably right when he explains the causes of cancer and other diseases.
Sorry to get on this long winded soap box, but this has been my opinion and my personal experience long before I read the book.
Look out for yourselves, because nobody else will!
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