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Old September 24th, 2001, 11:18
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1999.05.10 Pearls

American television shows portray CPR as successful 75% to 100% of the time. On British TV, survival after CPR was 25%. Television in both countries dramatically overestimates the effectiveness and use of CPR. Gordon PN et al. SEP 19, 1998; BMJ 317(7161):780.

This study of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, in Los Angeles, found the overall survival to eventual hospital discharge was 5%. Stratton SJ et al. OCT, 1998; Ann Emerg Med 32(4):448.

This British review of the treatment for severe head injury found that there was NO benefit from a) hyperventilation, b) mannitol, c) barbiturates, or d) steroids. This solidly contradicts current practice. Roberts I et al. NOV, 1998; J Neurol Neurosurg Psych 65(5):729.

This study of 45813 men over an eight year period found that watching television for 40 or more hours a week was associated with an increased risk of gallstone disease. Leitzmann MF et al. , 1998; Ann Intern Med 0128:0417.

Natural forms of vitamin E were found to be much better absorbed than synthetic forms in this study of 15 women. Synthetic forms of vitamin E are dl-alpha-tocopherol, and natural forms are d-alpha-tocopherol. . MAR, 1998; Am J Clin Nutrition .

Niacin given once a day at night was well tolerated and very effective at lowering cholesterol. "Niaspan" was started at 375 mg once at night & gradually increased. Avg tolerated dose was 2000 mg. Liver enzyme elevation (to twice normal) occurred in 2.6%. Guyton JR et al. SEP 15, 1998; Am J Cardiol 0082:0737.

In patients with acute abdominal pain, the preliminary administration of analgesia did not interfere with the process of informed consent in this British study. Vessey W et al. , 1998; Br J Surg 85(9):1278.

After implementation of a mandatory motorcycle helmet law in California, the years of potential life lost due to motorcycle accidents decreased by 42%. Max W et al. SEP, 1998; J Trauma 45(3):550.

This meta-analysis of 27 trials involving 2717 patients found that amoxicillin or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole was as effective as newer antibiotics in the treatment of acute sinusitis. About 2 out of 3 patients got better without any antibiotics at all. de Ferranti et al. SEP 5, 1998; Br Med J 317(7159):632.

Predisone given for 20 mg/d for two weeks followed by 10 mg/d for two weeks was more effective than an extended release NSAID or a diuretic in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Chang MH et al. AUG, 1998; Neurology 51(2):390.

In this study of 211 drivers admitted after a motor vehicle accident, 1/3rd were intoxicated (blood alcohol > 0.1 gm%). Of those found to be intoxicated, only 1/3rd were cited for DUI and just 1/5th convicted. Many had a record of prior similar offenses. Cydulka RK et al. SEP, 1998; Ann Emerg Med 32(3):349.

In this study of 434 children with a severe exacerbation of asthma, adding nebulized ipratropium to the standard regimen of albuterol and steroids decreased the hospital admission rate from 37% to 27%. Qureshi F et al. OCT 8, 1998; N Engl J Med 339(15):1030.
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