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Old June 20th, 1997, 21:00
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1997.06.21 Eight Weeks to Optimum Health

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil, MD
Pp. 277. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc, New York, 1997.

Rating: A

Andrew Weil's program of natural healing is spelled out in detail in this book with an eight week program to change your life around. The principles that Dr. Weil (a Harvard graduate and Medical Doctor) bases his program on are sound and easy to apply. The program has the reader make changes in their diet, activity, mental, and spiritual health. This balanced approach to optimum health is what makes the book such a gem. It is a very practical guide to making life changes that will improve your health.

I also appreciated Dr. Weil's honesty. Instead of being on the fringe of alternative medicine, Weil clearly embodies the best of mainstream and alternative approaches. He backs up his claims when there is medical literature to do so, and openly admits when there is no research studies to back up his claims. In one particularly telling section, he states "As a practitioner of mind/body medicine, I consider the placebo response my greatest ally." This corresponds with my own approach to alternative medicine, so naturally I loved this book!

This is an excellent book, but does not quite get an A+ rating. Why? I felt the the crowning touches of his eight week program weren't quite in place. I came away feeling that the program wasn't quite complete. In my experience, those who endure severe illnesses and experience "spontaneous healing" have a strong will to live, a burning purpose to their life that will not be denied. I felt the book emphasized good health for good health's sake alone. This is a laudable cause. Nonetheless, there is a greater reason we were given the privilege of life.

Clearly one of the main leaders in healthcare, Dr. Weil has written an excellent book. Strongly recommended for people ready to take action.


Other books by Dr. Andrew Weil:

Spontaneous Healing
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