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Old September 2nd, 2002, 20:01
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August 25 - August 31, 2002

Journal Club Free CME Program: Chronic Renal Disease. Our journal club has selected a new continuing medical education article on the topic of chronic renal disease. Click Here to view the program online. For information on how to earn Category 1 CME online through our journal club, click here. Currently, this program is being offered free of charge.  

Topical Salicylic Acid Only Proven Effective Treatment for Warts
This review concluded that the only proven safe and effective treatment for cutaneous warts is topical salicylic acid. Comment: this review doesn't conclude that the other treatments are *not* effective, only that there is limited evidence in the literature that they work. [ BMJ 2002;325:461 ( 31 August ) ]  

Friday, August 30, 2002

Report: Vast Majority of Infertility Website are of Low Quality
This study of infertility websites concluded that only 1 in 50 sites meets minimal standards for quality and accountability. Comment: the standards used for this study are subjective, but the conclusion that "you can't always believe what you read" is certainly as true online as offline. [ Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health 2002;47:264-8 ]  

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Availability of Firearms Increases Suicide Rates
This study found that suicide rates are higher in the US regions and states where household firearm ownership is high. Comment: this study did not examine whether or not suicide *attempts* were associated with household firearm ownership, only that actual suicides where higher where guns were more available. This makes complete sense, because firearms are the most preferred and effective suicide instrument. Since it is unlikely that major changes in gun ownership will happen in the near future, the key message is that removing guns from the home is a key part of the treatment of depression. [ Epidemiology 2002; 13(5):517-524 ]  

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Warming Arm Improves IV Starts
This study of 140 patients found that warming the hand and forearm for 15 minutes with a heating mitt increased the chances of success with an 18 gauge needle and also decreased time for successful cannulation. Comment: common knowledge, but a good reminder. [ BMJ 2002;325:409 ( 24 August ) ]  

Sensitivity to Mold Associated With Severity of Asthma
This study found that sensitivity to molds was associated with increased severity of asthma. Comment: sensitivity to molds is already known to be a risk factor for life-threatening asthma exacerbations. Decreasing mold exposure should be a primary goal among adult asthmatics. [ BMJ 2002;325:411 ( 24 August ) ]  

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Not Wearing Your Seatbelt? Don't Count on the Airbag
This study found that the use of passenger airbags wasn't helpful in preventing death unless the passenger was an adult with the seat belt buckled. Among children, the evidence was not conclusive but suggested that children younger than 13 years should not sit in front of an active air bag. Comment: the most important thing is to always use your seat belt when in a motor vehicle. [ Epidemiology 2002; 13(5):525-532 ]  

Monday, August 26, 2002

US Correctional Population at Record High
The number of US adults either imprisoned or on parole has hit an all-time high, with 3.1% of all adults in the correctional system. Comment: approximately 1 in 32 adults in the US is either in jail, in prison, on probation, or on parole. The US is one of the most oppressive countries in the world in terms of imprisoning its population, yet it remains one of the most violent. The reason may be that the legal system (and politicians) focus so heavily on the failed war on drugs. Politicians need to be grilled with such questions as "why do you support imprisoning so many Americans?", "what do you plan to do to allow police to focus on catching violent criminals?" , "why are you opposed to letting doctors prescribe medical marijuana?" and "why do you support prosecuting doctors who prescribe medical marijuana?" We need *real* solutions from our politicians- not mindless prohibition nonsense. Placing so many people (1 in 32 adults) in the correctional system can't be the right answer to the nation's violent crime problem. [ Law Center, August 25, 2002 Posted: 8:17 PM EDT (0017 GMT) ]  

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Harris Poll Shows Growing Desire for Radical Changes in US Healthcare System
A recent Harris poll reveals that both the public and healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly more dissatisfied with the health care system. Approximately 50% of all groups surveyed expressed a desire for radical changes in the system. Groups surveyed included the general public, employers, physicians, hospital managers, and health plan managers. Comment: the only groups that don't want to do very much appears to be the politicians and lawyers. The politicians have yet to show any backbone. Lawyer groups consistently oppose any change in the current tort system that is decimating the health care field. [ Health Care News Volume 2, Issue 17, August 21, 2002 ]  
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