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Old May 2nd, 2005, 20:01
sysadmin sysadmin is offline
Join Date: 2001
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Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

[Infomercial Watch] In September 2004, after having been charged repeatedly with false advertising, infomercial marketer Kevin Trudeau became bound by an FTC consent agreement under which he agreed to pay a $2 million penalty and be banned from appearing in, producing, or disseminating future infomercials that advertise any type of product, service, or program to the public, except for "truthful infomercials for books, newsletters, and other informational publications." An FTC official stated that the ban was "meant to shut down an infomercial empire that has misled American consumers for years."

Around the time that the consent order was signed, Trudeau began flooding the airwaves with a 30-minute infomercial for a book called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Although the infomercial suggests that the book will make specific recommendations for specific problems, it actually does not do this. Here is a transcript of the infomercial with my comments inserted in bracketed type.

more ...
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Old June 25th, 2005, 10:00
mitzkoff mitzkoff is offline
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

Apparently, Trudeau has now produced a new infomorcial re-introducing the same old claims. He makes some amazing claims about food producers using illegal food additives to make people fat, etc (maybe he is talking about sugar).
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Old July 15th, 2005, 06:12
ironhut ironhut is offline
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

The fact that Mr. Trudeau can prey off of innocent (yet uninformed and lacking basic intelligence) sickens me. I have no issues with Mr. Trudeau coming up with home remedies to pawn to people who are willing to try them. But, I do have a problem with his claims that pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure diseases. Mr. Trudeau tries to convince that the pharm companies would put themselves out of a job if they cured all, so he projects that they are just dragging people along to make their money.

How does this guy sleep at night? People are always looking for conspiracy theories, but this is at a new level. Mr. Trudeau can't possibly believe what he is saying; and is willing to live off of the contributions of the meek and misguided. Mr. Trudeau might as well have said that pharmaceutical companies are indirectly killing millions so that they can continue to make money (the actual truth is that countless doctors and researchers have dedicated their lives to find cures for diseases...often sadly to no avail). The amazing thing is that Mr. Trudeau is possibly making plenty of cash by convincing people of this garbage. What a loser!
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Old August 1st, 2005, 11:21
geo1378 geo1378 is offline
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Join Date: 2005
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

I see so many negative comments about Kevin Trudeaus natural cures book and I am not saying I believe the conspiracy theory that drug companies only want to stop sickness and not completely heal it but in my short live on 28 years I have seen evidence that his book is fairly accurate in many cases

My dad went to some of the best doctors for his back pain. No one could help. He finally was reffered to a holistic natural doctor and within a week he seen improvements and finally hasnt had pain in 4 years! Another example is my friends mom always suffered from depression. She has been prescribed 4 different medications for this sympton all which didnt work very well and in fact I have seen her get worse. A natural doctor recommended an hour of walking a day and sunlight and guess what? She is doing much better.

My mom has high cholesterol and blood pressure and our horrible doctors in vineland, NJ gave her two medications which did not work at all!! My moms cousin suffers from depression as well and they just keep putting him on more medication and he gets worse and worse. My mom had a siest removed on her ovaries and was supposed to take hormones her entire life!! Guess what she tried a combination of vitamins and no longer takes it and is fine. We had been getting bersitis alot and no doctor helped us whatsoever and we continued getting it for years. We started taking shark cartilage and guess what? Havent had it in 2 years!

So my question is how can so many websites say his entire book is a hoax? He says fast food is bad and they add stuff to addict and make us fat and if any of you so called MD's no anything even the movie supersize me claims this. Kevin Tredeau also claims microwaves are not safe which has been a question for many years. He claims taking vitamins is very large and important as well as a body cleansing. Does all this not sound like the truth? I am not "brainwashed" easily but by taking the advice he gives not only me but my entire family has more energy feels better and is benefiting from natural doctors.

Natural stuff is better for you and the only medication i ever took was aspirin but i plan on never taking that either. I have not been sick at all in 2 years!! The enviroment and food we eat causes headaches but since i changed my diet i rarely get them.

So any of you people that say his book is a hoak email me and prove what you mean? When i used to eat fast food and junk i got headaches constantly now that i eat fruits and vegs. i dont unless i get busy and stressed. Many none of you people have the will power to try anything? America is fat. lazy and really the things a normal american eats are disgusting. No wonder we just go to a doctor and take a drug. its the easy lazy way out. i never smoked and i might have alchohol once a year! plus i eat at least 3 large servings of vegs/fruits and multi vitamin. that is why i never get sick!!
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Old August 10th, 2005, 07:13
TimePassesBy TimePassesBy is offline
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

First off i'd like to begin by saying that My father was a medical practitioner for 25 years in traditional medicine. He was an advocate of both surgery and drugs but after being in the field for 25 years he had enough. It is true that drugs to help with certain diseases or ailments...however they do more harm than good. Throughout my own life..I have dealt with people dying of various things and NOT the disease diagnosed to them as being terminal.

How many cancer victims have been lost...not by cancer..but by some other problem caused by the traditional TREATMENT of cancer.
My best friend back in the high school's mother had breast cancer. Of course she sought out the traditional means of treating it (ie. radiation). The radiation did a dandy job getting rid of her fact there was none ended up killing her because of the immense lack of platlettes she lost in the process. You see.. traditional medicine is taught to treat one ailment not to cure it. When you go to medical are essentially taught how to perscribe drugs (writtin in the textbooks) and how to cut people up. Trust me..I know.

It is true that Mr. Trudeau may be making some off the wall claims...however there is a tremendous amount of truth behind what he has to say. After practicing traditional medicine for 25 years my father did what most traditional medicine practitioners despise...he made the jump to alternative/holistic medicine. Since he has created his new homeopathic clinic...he has gotten hundreds of patients with all sorts of chronic and terminal illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, parkinsans, chronic fatigue, lupas, hep C, and even AIDS. It is amazing to see these patients with so little hope and the belief of surviving only a few months for years and years...healthy and happy.

I believe totally in all natural remedies and cures. I myself have not been taking any form of drug or antibioitic for over ten years now. I treat myslef with all natural remedies and vitamins/minerals. Staying healthy isn't about taking is a way of life.
that's the real cure.
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Old August 10th, 2005, 20:07
jimmyjb jimmyjb is offline
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Join Date: 2005
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

I have actually read most of Kevin Trudeau's book out of curiosity but only because it was given to my wife. He does have some interesting theories in it if you are into conspiracies which I am not but it is amusing nonetheless. Something that nobody has seemed to catch onto though is the fact that although a book is all he is supposed peddle, the book seems to be a big ad for his $10/month-$500/lifetime website. In the book, everytime he starts to mention something that seems significant, he refers you to his website. That being said, I wonder if that counts as marketing a product or service other than a book? I will credit him for this though- he does repeatedly tell people not to stop medications or do anything drastic without consulting a physician first. He just tells them to find a doctor who practices alternative medicine.
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Old August 22nd, 2005, 09:33
WakeUp WakeUp is offline
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Join Date: 2005
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

I have not comment about natural cures and if they do or do not work. But please take a moment to stick Kevin Trudeau's name into google and see what he's really about. This man has been fined millions on fraud charges--even spending two years in prison for it. He was convicted of credit card fraud--stealing the credit card numbers of customers who bought his MegaMemory product (the con before the natural cures con). He's the ultimate snake oil salesman.
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Old September 8th, 2005, 09:04
mer2 mer2 is offline
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Join Date: 2005
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Exclamation Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the phone number Kevin Trudeau gives out on the infomercials for you to buy his book? I was supposed to get a CD as well and nothing came in the mail other than the book. I study nutrition and I was really interested to see his claims on that topic. Since it's sold on many sites, I can't track down which consumer buying company he was giving out during the actual infomercial. Also, he doesn't give out any phone number to contact him or his company. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it!

Has anyone seen his infomercial lately or copied down that number from when they ordered it?


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Old September 30th, 2005, 07:00
Jennifer Jennifer is offline
Registered User
Join Date: 2005
Posts: 1
Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

The number is 1-800-961-2571, but the customer service number is 1-847-777-7131. I placed an order on Monday for the same thing (with free CD) and my order is LOST. They cannot pull it up in their system.
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Old October 15th, 2005, 16:12
Lilly Lilly is offline
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Join Date: 2005
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

Mr. Trudeau mentions his criminal past in the book. He does have skeletons in the closet, but look at the last two presidents, and so many other famous people in the news.
Instinctively, I think alot of what he says is true. Do you see any TV commercials or ads anywhere advertising how beneficial Vitamin C is or other vitamins, antioxidants, herbs or any alternative treatments? I know first hand that vitamins and herbs work. I have used alternative treatments that have worked for me, and the companies that sold them were raided and persecuted by the FDA and FTC.
I haven't taken prescription drugs and I don't plan on it. (Exceptions are in an emergency, I've taken several days of antibiotics. Also over the counter aspirin or advil, but not very often)
Certain members of Congress keep trying to introduce bills to limit access to supplements, or sneak line items onto unrelated bills.
A relative took Lipitor and his legs started to give way, he was starting to have anxiety and blood pressure going wacky. He stopped taking it and the symptoms stopped. If he didn't make a fuss, he would have had several more drugs added on for those symptoms. Another family member is on a certain blood pressure medicine, which we found out can be fatal if abruptly stopped.
I know people who are on 10 or 20 medications and don't feel very well at all.
I know people who were on up to 30 prescriptions before they passed away.
Who would make medicines with horrific side affects, or that kill if you don't have them for a few days, or antidepressants that ultimately make people worse or cause mental breakdowns if they try to stop them, or try to get the government to drug children with their evil concoctions. I think some antidepressants and antipsychotics are making people commit bizzare crimes while on the drugs or even after they've stopped the medications. Like school shootings and other cases that were in the news.
We know the FDA gets money from big pharma, they said it on the news after an employee started complaining about the conflict of interest.
Why can't food be labelled if it has been genetically modified, I don't want to eat it, do you? We don't have the right in this country to know which foods are gm because they know many people won't buy them.
Fast foods probably are addictive in a way.
Cancer seems epidemic these days along with other diseases. Every other day I seem to hear of someone else with cancer. Trudeau is probably right when he explains the causes of cancer and other diseases.
Sorry to get on this long winded soap box, but this has been my opinion and my personal experience long before I read the book.
Look out for yourselves, because nobody else will!
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Old October 24th, 2005, 14:40
stemcell stemcell is offline
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Join Date: 2005
Posts: 2
Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

My personal interest is in finding a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. My
now 15 year old daughter was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. So far, she has
pricked her fingers approximately 11,000 times, and has taken about 7,500
insulin injections. If she had cancer, she could hope to be cured – or at
least to go into remission so she wouldn't need 4 or 5 or 6 insulin shots
every day just to stay alive. Right now, all we can hope for is that she
doesn't have a heart attack or a stroke, that she doesn’t go blind, that
her kidneys keep working and that her feet and legs don’t have to be amputated.
Next, I am going to review the financial's from the 2003 and 2004 Annual
Reports of Eli Lilly & Company, one of the major producers of insulin.
Before I do, I want to remind you that insulin will never cure diabetes. It
is what my 15-year-old refers to as her ‘lifeline’. It keeps a diabetic
alive, but does not prevent the catastrophic side effects. And it will
never cure anyone!
2003: “Our worldwide sales…increased 14%, to 12.58 billion dollars.”
Sources of revenue: “Diabetes care products, composed primarily of
Humulin…Humalog…and Actos…had aggregate worldwide revenues of 2.57
billion dollars.” Ladies and gentlemen, 20% of the worldwide sales were
from 3 products, 2 of which (Humulin and Humalog) are for ‘maintenance’ of
type 1 diabetics. In 2003, Humulin sales in the US were 507.5 million
dollars, and were 658.6 million dollars for Humalog.
The 2004 numbers are equally staggering. The same three products had That’s 5.18 billion dollars in a two-year period – to treat patients who
will not get better. That’s a whole loot of insurance and medicare dollars
going to two drugs to maintain a condition for which there actually might
be a cure.
Breakthroughs using stem cell therapies have been announced all over the
world, and involving many conditions, such as reversing the side effects of
diabetes, curing type 1 juvenile diabetes, restoration of immune systems in
cancer patients, improvement of a Parkinson’s patient’s motor skills by
83%, reversal of heart tissue damage in a heart attack victim, the list
goes on and on. Stem cells work, and more research is needed.
This is not a religious issue. This is a health issue. This is a “where are
my Medicare dollars going?” The issue is a quality of life issue. Even though
the dollars are huge, let’s not forget that the main benefits from stem
cell research and therapies are to improve the health and to save the lives
of millions who suffer, or who may in the future suffer from diseases that
could be treated or cured with new stem cell therapies. We are talking
about improvement of the quality of a human life!
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Old November 17th, 2005, 13:15
blueangel blueangel is offline
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

i believed that what kevin says is mosthly right ex: food really makes us fat most of the time food companies mislead and lie about their ingredients, just look at the food labeled fat free or not additives added but when you go to the list ingredients there they ""are trans fat, all kind of additives"" you name it. i feel a lot of time offended besides lying, some food companies considered people very ignorant, i just to suffer from colds all the time now i take a lot of vitamin c and orange i donot suffer of cold and if i get it it only last a day or two, i see other people taking a lot of antibiotics(that dont work) and many over the counters stuff that dont do anything . i think we should be critical of everything and be most informed
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Old September 28th, 2007, 10:43
Registered User
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Re: Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004)

kevin claims that in a wellness magazine Canadian researchers have found that flax seed eaten with a muffin can fight cancer better than traditional means like radiation and chemotherapy. First of all i think he doesnt how complex a disease cancer is and he doesnt realize that different kinds of malignant tumors can arise in a specific tissue. Since some cancers are resistant to radiation and a specific kind of chemotheray drug. He also claims that high blood pressure is caused by mineral defieciencies. He also repeats alot of things he said in vague sentences, like by these 3 herbs and it will help you treat this. Hes writing these book soley for the purpose of profits. I feel sorry for people gullible enough to read his books
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